Allied Services

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What supports services are available to enhance my costume character investment?

At GMM we know that having a mascot is much more than just owning a costume. As a result, we offer a wide range of support services, from costume cleaning and refurbishment, to storage solutions, to performance training – all geared towards helping maintain your mascot to ensure that you get the most out of your investment.

If you are planning a grand unveiling of your mascot – perhaps in front of media or at a high profile event – and would like the help of GMM to supply a performer to portray your mascot for this, or additional, one-off events, please let us know. We work with a number of clients on this basis, leaving them free to focus on their wider events.


GMM REFURBISHMENT - Keeping your costume character in great condition

To organise the cleaning of your costume character, please contact us and we’ll be able to arrange the collection and delivery, provide a quote and schedule a date with you. Our Wardrobe Department’s professional refurbishment service (cleaning and repair) is provided to keep the “face” of your brand or organisation looking its best.


MASCOT HOSTEL - Storage of your costume character plus delivery coordination

GMM offers clients the facility to store their mascot costumes at our purpose-built mascot hostel. This service is available on a quarterly basis and includes our experienced team cleaning and maintaining your costume character. We can also coordinate the costume’s collection and delivery to your customers.


CHARACTER & MORE - Activities to complement your mascot event

If you’re looking for added extras when your mascot makes personal appearances, we can source face-painters, balloon modellers and promotional staff along with the mascot artist who wears & plays the mascot.


STORAGE SOLUTIONS - Bags, flight cases, and more to protect your costume

Purpose-made carry sacks and flight cases are available to protect your costume in transit, helping it arrive in peak condition.


ACCESSORIES - Making your costume cooler to perform in

To help keep your staff cooler in costume, cool vests are available and cooling systems can be fitted inside costume heads



Just to make your experience of buying and Using mascots more pleasurable we help you with are Door-Step Pickup & Delivery for new as well as allied services transits within India. However we deliver the product across globe wherever the national/Pvt Cargo shipment is available on the added cost to the product.